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Unlock up to 15% revenue without hiking rent with our Analytics Suite that gives data-driven insights and predictive analysis at your fingertips


Unlocking New Revenue Streams in Real Estate

Aeria's approach is spot-on. Landlords, asset owners and managers can indeed unlock new revenue streams by diversifying beyond traditional leasing income. Analyzing tenant preferences and market trends enables owners to identify ancillary revenue opportunities like concierge services, parking utilization, valet services, advertising potential, events, and other value-added services. This not only boosts that additional income but also enriches tenant experiences and enhances the overall value proposition of the property further helping in tenant retention.


Data-driven Insights

By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, property owners and asset managers can unlock untapped revenue streams and drive sustainable growth. Analyze tenant behavior patterns and preferences to identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling additional services or amenities. Turn data into action, by taking a holistic view for optimized decision-making and unparalleled property experiences.

Up to 10%

Cost Optmisation



Performance Metrics Tracking

Continuously track performance metrics related to revenue generation, such as occupancy rates, leasing activity, and ancillary service usage, to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Revenue Per Square Foot:Measure the revenue generated per square foot of leasable space to assess the efficiency of space utilization and identify opportunities for maximizing income.
Tenant Retention Rate: Monitor tenant turnover rates and retention rates to understand tenant satisfaction levels and implement strategies to improve retention, thereby reducing vacancy losses and increasing revenue stability.
Return on Investment (ROI): Calculate the ROI for each revenue-enhancing initiative or investment, allowing owners to prioritize projects with the highest potential for revenue generation and profitability.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Analyze the CLV of tenants to identify high-value segments and tailor revenue enhancement strategies to maximize long-term revenue potential from these segments.


Predictive Analysis

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast future demand for services or amenities, enabling proactive decision-making and resource allocation to maximize revenue potential.

Demand Forecasting:Predict future demand for specific services or amenities based on historical tenant usage data, digital impressions and polls & surveys allowing landlords and asset managers to allocate resources efficiently and optimize revenue potential.
Price Optimization: Utilize predictive models to determine optimal pricing strategies for spaces, services or amenities, balancing affordability for tenants with maximizing revenue generation for landlords.
Tenant Segmentation: Segment tenants and employees based on behavior, preferences, or demographic factors, allowing for targeted marketing efforts and cross selling of other in-house products.
Risk Management:Identify potential leasing risks and vacancy challenges posed by tenants by analyzing real time occupancy trends. Identifying warning signs early on, landlords can implement proactive measures to minimize disruptions and preserve revenue streams.

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